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You are invited to the St John the Baptist Barangay Fiesta

posted Jun 12, 2012, 1:46 AM by Nick Ballesteros
St John the Baptist Barangay Fiesta
(Thorndon, Wadestown, Crofton Downs, Ngaio, Khandallah, Broadmeadows, Johnsonville, Churton Park)

Everyone's Invited!

Join our barangay’s celebration of the feast day of our patron, St John the Baptist!
When: 16 June 2012  at  3:30pm 
Where: Amesbury Hall, Amesbury Avenue, Churton Park 

Holy Mass will be held at 3:30pm followed by snacks and entertainment.  Please bring a plate of finger food to share

The Hall has rubber floors so heels and black-soled rubber shoes are not allowed since these will damage the floor.

Please  call or text to confirm attendance.
Hennie Catalan 021 805566, 499 8393 or
Ria Mulawin 021 1878451, 478 6553