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Third Sunday of Easter Reflection: "Stay with us, for night comes quickly!"

posted May 3, 2011, 7:27 PM by Nick Ballesteros
Jesus’ two Emmaussian disciples were heading home loaded with Good Friday’s misery and of the week’s first day’s frustrations of the empty tomb.  They were travelling when the day was ending, the night was slowly engulfing the surrounding.

Aside from the outward darkness getting much more intense, the situation was made more frightening by the darkened hearts and minds of Jesus’ own friends.  They were on the direction of surrendering themselves to the darkness of hopelessness.  And this was not without pain and fear inside them.

That was where and when Jesus, in His veiled risen identity, met His weakening companions.  He joined them moving towards the darkness of night but gradually enflaming their inner lamp.  The sharing of time and thoughts along the road seemed to be enough for the two disciples to cope up with the sadness of the past three days, Jesus gestured to be moving farther.  It was the darkness that paved the way for the outright recognition of the glorious presence of Jesus as the Risen Christ.  “Stay with us, for night comes quickly.”

Jesus stayed, took the bread during meal, He never failed to give thanks, broke and shared bread with them.  That clicked instantly in their memory and the inner light brilliantly shone within them.  It made them loaded with courage and strength, and headed back to where the group was.

Whenever the darkness of night threatens our confidence and shaken our nerve to fear, let us just be mindful of the Emmaus prayer: “Stay with us, for night comes quickly.” 


Fr Ambet