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Sixth Sunday of Easter Reflection: Love is Christ's Spirit sent by the Father

posted May 25, 2011, 5:45 PM by Nick Ballesteros
Love of God and love of neighbour is Jesus’ encapsulating interpretation of the Decalogue and the hundreds of its scribal interpretations which won the highly reserved approval of His critic.  Love, which is more than a command, more than a prescription of the law, is the sole and hidden spirit that gives authority to the letters of any and all of the commandments.  

Commandments have their ultimate end in love.  But love never ends in just following the command.  True love never satisfies in just fulfilling what the law requires.  True lovers are not only law observers. They are not mere keepers of the law.  Keeping the commandments is just the first step that leads to infinite stages of growing in love.  

Jesus clarifies that keeping the commandments disposes us to receive The Advocate, The Helper whom the Father will send upon His request.  This Advocate shall stir our inner life to bring forth the spring that flows and reaches out unto others, establishing the unbroken connection between and among people.  This aspires that no one is left orphan.  This Helper moves us from within to help us get of self out and be made keepers of others, translating into human reality the divine unity of the Son and the Father.     

There’s no other connection that truly binds people closely together except the bond of and in love in the Spirit whom Christ has sent from the Father.  No law can fulfill this, no observance of the law can keep it.  Only by welcoming it in faith.

Fr Ambet