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Second Sunday of Easter Reflection: God sees and still believes

posted Apr 27, 2011, 7:10 PM by Nick Ballesteros
Thomas the Twin stands between the two appearances of the Risen Lord.   On the first instance of the Lord’s appearance Thomas wasn’t there.  Where was he?  Was he not afraid of staying outside like the others?  No reason was given for Thomas being absent on the first post resurrection visit of Jesus.  But more significant character of faith in Jesus as Lord and God has been strongly transpired by his presence in the second.

“Blessed are those who have not seen and believe” is the evangelist way of strongly validating the faith of the second, as well as the succeeding Christian generations.  Nevertheless,  this is not to undermine the faith of the privileged first generation Christians in seeing the Risen Christ in His glorious body.  Rather, Thomas is an immortalized icon of faith without the benefit of seeing what is to believe in. 

Believing without seeing capitalizes our present blessedness.  We are blessed because we’re made capable of going beyond the realm of what is normal and natural, of what is logical and reasonable.  We are blessed because we do not succumb to the limit of senses and reasons but jump unto the unknown with clarity and sincerity of faith.  

But still there’s something more than being blessed because of believing without seeing.  That the blessing that holds us firmly in faith in Jesus as Lord and God flows from the Merciful gaze of the Father.  That  despite His foreknowledge of our barren souls, despite that He sees so clearly our disordered concerns in life, despite of knowing our worldly motives and ambitions, He still believes in us.  He still counts on us.  God sees and still believes that somehow, somewhere we welcome His grace.

The resurrection of Christ is but to make us rise again and again, wherever and whenever we fall and are failed by others.

More Easter blessings to all!  

Fr Ambet