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Mission Sunday 2011 Reflection

posted Oct 20, 2011, 3:55 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Pope Benedict XVI’s Mission Sunday message has been drawn from Jesus’ word to His disciples:  “as the Father has sent me, even so I send you.”  These words carry in themselves the unifying spirit of Church missionary work, that the imperative of “going” flows from the very being of God as Father.  God’s fatherly care mandates the mystery of the incarnation of the Son, His passion, death and resurrection as its living proclamation and actualization.

By passing on the mission to His disciples, Jesus does not only issue a mandate for them to follow but to make them get into and understand the very nature of being His disciples, i.e., people always on the go, proclaiming and actualizing the Gospel.

The Church is a community of disciples of Jesus whose very existence depends on and defined by its passion to go on mission.  Not to go on mission is Church’s unbecoming and undoing.  To stop proclaiming and actualizing the Gospel is to stop being a Church, to stop being disciple of Christ.

To go on mission is not limited to going abroad and in a remote and non-christian environment proclaim the Word.  Even in our immediate community, there’s a rich opportunity to realize our missionary identity.  New evangelization provides a new and challenging character to our missionary task.  That many among those who were evangelized, embraced the Gospel and claimed to be believers have been made confused and submit to other more enticing but dangerous voices around.  This calls for more urgent, localized and passionate missionary spirit.

Come and let us realize our being as Disciples of Christ.

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