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Lenten Reflection

posted Feb 25, 2012, 2:53 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


LENT is the Church’s liturgical spring time which intensely ritualizes our Christian Spirituality.  It is a promising season which makes us mindful of God’s radical Kenosis in taking responsibility for the error brought about by the malice of the first human abuse against the gift of human freedom.

LENT is a celebration, a joyful and hope-ful anamnesis of God’s passionate act in re-moulding, reshaping our disfigured life, remade perfectly healed and free from any trace and scar of the original malice.  

We lost our unique and special beauty reflective of Who our Creator is.  We lost it forever and we were driven to the extreme helplessness, we simply can not find and regain it.  More so, searching for it, finding what we’ve lost is neither a divine preference.

LENT bursts forth a spirituality which is solidly grounded on the strength of what God has decided to do.  That instead of searching, repairing and reinstalling what we have damaged and lost, He recreated us completely and perfectly new in Christ.

This is second creation, better and greater than the first.  For us to be completely healed and free, Jesus was enslaved and made wounded.  For us to be reshaped in God’s beauty and dignity, Jesus was disfigured and mocked.  For us to be recreated by God, Jesus became who He wasn’t.  For us to be cleansed and made pure, Jesus was sacrificed on the cross.  And for us to live, Jesus on the cross suffered and died.

These things, God minded not to do because He is passionately in love.  And nothing deserves to be passionately loved by Him than you and me.

LENT is the spring time of our spiritual life.  A season that rips forth again and again the beauty and smell of God’s love for all.  Amen.

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