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Gospel Reflection for Trinity Sunday: Glory to the Trinity

posted Jun 16, 2011, 9:26 PM by Nick Ballesteros
The Church’s Liturgical life has now come to the summit of its encounter, knowledge and celebration of God’s own unfolding of Himself in mystery:  ONE GOD who wills to deal with us in Persons:  FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT.

In Jesus, we see God as the “Shekinah,” an Almighty who dwells in us and with us.  In and through Jesus, we hear God speaking to us the language and action of love.  Through Jesus, we’ve known God as a Prodigal-forgiving Father.  And through Him we’ve been revealed as Temples of Their Spirit of communion.

Integrally we can find in the very relationship of the Holy Trinity the basic and ultimate origin, meaning and destiny of who, what and where we are meant to be.

It is for the sole reason that God loves us so dearly that we have life given to us by Him as our Father, we are living as redeemed by the Son, we will live sanctified by the Spirit.

The LOVE who is GOD has made Himself known as our Father, as our Brother (or Sister), as our faithful Companion.

That’s what we are; reflections of the Trinitarian God whose Oneness holds the entire creation together, harmoniously connects and relates each other.  May They truly and clearly be reflected in our lives and be given glory as we strive to live in communion and harmony.  


Fr Ambet