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Gospel Reflection for the Birth of St John the Baptizer

posted Jun 23, 2012, 2:23 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Parental instinct to wonder is reservedly triggered by the joy and beauty of life brought about by the birth of every single child.  The full parental consciousness can not but soars farther to the future which is somehow made present in the outburst of life in every child.

The birth of St John the Baptizer had driven many in his neighbourhood to the future keeping their hearts in constant bewilderment and great expectations.  The focus which has been initially on the child is now diverted to the Giver of life, grappled by human minds for His purpose of initiating a mysterious kind of birth.

Moving further, that being assured that the Baptizer’s birth has a divine purpose, his birth and his life point to the WHO this Giver of life is.  What is being mirrored by the birth and life and mission or purpose of John the Baptizer is the core identity and character of God Himself.  The manner of his birth reveals God’s power, the life-style he lived highlights God’s providence, the message he preached resounds God’s mercy and forgiveness, the death he endured speaks of God’s consoling love.

One thing is crucial for us on this day of the birth of St John the Baptizer:  that our life-time may not want for and be left empty of God’s time voiced out by John but made present and available for us by God’s Word, Jesus our Lord.  Amen.

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