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Gospel Reflection for the 6th Sunday of Easter B2012

posted May 12, 2012, 2:41 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


It is not that faith is losing its grip but it is the soul that weakens in holding on to it.  As a gift, faith is not subject to any human, emotional, mental manipulation.  God’s love which becomes person and visible in Jesus is the very source, foundation and goal of faith.  When faith is received, it is received as it is; the undying bud that blossoms from the love who is God. 

The invitation to “remain in my love” is a call to remain having faith in Him.  And since historical space and time have been completely absorbed into and embraced by Jesus’ pure love, faith fails no one.  Love, which is the foundation of faith, creates no enemy, who else can go against and defeat it.  When everyone, everything turns so cold and indifferent, faith would remain the single door that leads to the spring which refreshes and revitalizes. 

Faith never runs out of its strength, only of humble expiring souls to avail of its grace.  As we firmly hold on to our faith in the friendship of Jesus with us, let us extend our grip to hold tightly those who are falling apart.

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