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Gospel Reflection for the 5th Sunday of Lent B2012

posted Mar 22, 2012, 3:37 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


“I am troubled now.  Yet what should I say?... Father, glorify your name.”  (Jn. 12.27-28)

Jesus never loses his focus.  His entire conscious disposition centres on fulfilling the Father’s will.  He is very sure that this requires Him to act beyond the limit of human mind to understand and even beyond divine limitlessness.  The magnitude and depth of His mission which will culminate on the cross is overwhelming and it gets into His nerve.  He is troubled.

In His being true God, Jesus perfectly lives as a true Man.  He takes upon Himself the innate human vulnerability and immerses it in His assuring divinity. 

Like anyone else, Jesus becomes troubled when engulfed by the seemingly endless demand of earthly life.  But never, even in the midst of extreme uncertainties, He loses His focus, His very centre, His sense of the unfailing closeness of His Father, the strong refuge that keeps Him going.  And in His great anxiety He utters with renewed determination and resolve:  “Father, glorify your name.”

Lord Jesus, if life is not without troubles, help and teach us to pray:  “Our Father…, hallowed be thy name.”  Amen.

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