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Gospel Reflection for the 5th Sunday Easter B2102

posted May 4, 2012, 5:34 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


JESUS is the Word of God, made flesh, spoken and proclaimed by the manner of his life, culminates in his death, sealed as all time efficacious with and by the spirit of his resurrection. 

History itself finds the Word so overwhelming so much so that it helplessly and ceaselessly generates the waves of its pronouncement in time, that even in the midst of serious and malicious interruptions, it is determined to lead the whole course of history’s journey towards the shore-less eternity.  

Humanity’s branching out from one and only source; Jesus’ Father and our Father, is central to the Word’s pronouncement.  Being the true vine, Jesus in his Word, meaning in his life, death and resurrection, reconnects us to himself and therefore to the Father, forming one undivided family, endlessly branching out in fruitfulness.

To remain connected to Jesus and therefore fruitful entails a good amount of pain and sacrifice.  It seeks for the branch’s submission to painful pruning applied gently and lovingly by the hands of the Father.  The pain of being pruned is far more tolerable and beneficial than being completely cut off, gets dry and be thrown into the fire and burnt.

Taking Jesus seriously in his Word daily is to humbly submit ourselves to the loving hands of the Father everyday and allow himself to do the pruning which intends to keep the joy of the soul brought about by the abundant harvest of one’s fruitfulness.  May we remain so, always as ever.  Amen.      

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