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Gospel Reflection for the 3rd Sunday OT 2012

posted Jan 18, 2012, 3:22 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Jesus’ mission is to announce the fulfilment of time; that the Kingdom of God has come in Him.  It is a Kingdom without limit in space and at hand until the end of time and to be made perfect after human earthly life.  It can be likened to a vast fishing net thrown out into the dark, chaotic and frightening sea of humanity’s emptiness and meaninglessness and as a precious catch, gently dragged towards the shore of restful contentment.  Each and all, without exception, has been captured by the grace of God’s Kingdom in Jesus and offered the gift of meaning and purpose.

This divine mission is not without human participation both in acceptance by repentance and by partnership of being sent as “fishers of men.” 

May we be a clear and constant announcement of Jesus as God’s Kingdom ever present on earth having our way of life as its living proclamation.  Amen.

fr ambet