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Gospel Reflection for the 32nd Sunday OT 2011

posted Nov 4, 2011, 3:30 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


In approaching the end of Liturgical year, the choice of the Gospel readings wishes to encapsulate the Gospel message of the entire liturgical cycle. 

The ten virgins’ parable of today’s Gospel provides a much needed lesson, when learned and put into practice can keep the gate of Heaven open.   The group of ten has been equally split and differentiated by the descriptions of being foolish and of being wise.  This is just to make the readers aware that among the pilgrims of faith, there’s a perfect mix of opposites.  As the journey progresses, hardly to notice the difference. 

Similarities between opposites are normally intriguing and tricky.  The disfavoured group of the foolish behave as almost the same as the favoured wise group.  Both march in to welcome the bridegroom, ready to wait in patience, succumb to the weakness of falling asleep, wake up in haste when the announcement has been made, gently ask for assistance when they run out of supply, but when denied obediently listen to go and buy oil themselves, come back and humbly implore the bridegroom to let them in.  These sound very good and remarkable.  They have also the good traits of being gentle and at the same time assertive of their role.  Where, therefore, does the foolishness that keeps them out lie?   What kind of foolishness that locks them out?

NEGLECT.  This is the strong and persistent issue that Jesus keeps sounding to air His sincere concern for all especially the leading Scribes and Pharisees.  Neglect can only and always be neglect if and when what is taken for granted, if and when what is being overlooked is the most essential of all:  others and most especially the unwanted others.

No one would miss doing little as well as great things if the person’s daily query is:  what sort of thing should not I neglect in my life?  This encapsulates the whole Gospel of Christ.  Amen.

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