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Gospel Reflection for the 2nd Sunday of Advent B2011

posted Dec 4, 2011, 1:35 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Mark’s ironic way of glorifying extreme world seclusion in the person of John serves as the dramatic prelude to the advent of life in the dry and lifeless human condition due to constant human transgression. 

The Master (First Sunday of Advent) has come, and the announcement of His arrival has been proclaimed and heard in the dry and lifeless space of the desert.

 The multitude of people marching into the disheartening dryness of the desert to hear eremitic message of repentance is a long procession of affirmations of the presence of a deeper, more devastating and deep seated dryness and lifelessness in the human soul.  Irrespective of incidental  differences, humanity is universally claimed as inwardly restless creature no matter how outwardly dissatisfied or satisfied it might be. 

Advent unlocks the door that leads to inner restfulness which is responsible for outward fruitfulness.  This is the baptism in water that cleanses and purifies in repentance the life inside.  This is an essential inner disposition that welcomes the second baptism in Spirit in order to make the life of others flourish.  We have that indelible mark of baptism in water that cleanses and the baptism in the Spirit that reaches out to others. 

Being marked and to it accordingly live, Advent can truly be a season of hope, a season of renewed enthusiasm for life.  That, because of the Spirit of this season, even the dead space of the desert can be a place where life can be lived to the full.  Amen.

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