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Gospel Reflection for the 29th Sunday OT B2012

posted Oct 18, 2012, 2:16 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Mk 10.35-45)

The emptiness of material possessions of the last Sunday’s Gospel creeps into the power, position and authority mistakenly aspired for even by Jesus’ disciples in today’s Gospel episode.

The human heart has too far drifted away from its original nobility and purpose by taking a drastic turn completely opposite to what it should go.  Jesus, worried and deeply concerned about the danger awaiting at the end of the path taken, came with gentle but uncompromising warning. 

He showed that the right direction should not from outside to inside but the other way around.  It is not to utilize others for selfish gain but to consume the self for other’s benefit.  The right path that leads to self-realization is not to be in power, in highest position and exercise authority but to be in and of service driven by heart passionately in-love.

In times that we turned our back and got lost, just turn around.  Right there and then you will find your Way, Jesus who shines within.  Amen.

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