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Gospel Reflection for the 1st Sunday of Lent 2012

posted Feb 23, 2012, 3:12 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


No one who is homeless, whose life is dangerously threatened, whose loved one has been arrested can say ‘this is the time of fulfilment’ unless…the person is at home with Jesus.

It is beyond human sanity to announce a fulfilled moment when the situation is so disgraceful. 

It takes a good deal of faith to see favourable ends beyond the misfortune of life.

A deeper personal stability is required to remain positive and confident amidst life adversities. 

Wilful sacrifice offered as Lenten spiritual discipline never corresponds to the logic of worldly mind.

Depriving oneself of satisfaction is a form of cruelty for those who are enslaved by human desires.

Jesus announced the ‘time of fulfilment’ not because his life is safe and secured, not because he lives in plenty and is fully contented.  Time of fulfilment is that, despite of and through human misfortune, the Kingdom of God has broken through and been made at hand.  Purity of life brought about by one’s acceptance of the Gospel of Christ, even in the saddest reality of human frailty, signifies that God’s Kingdom is in sight.  It is the living spring that wells up from within the children of God’s Kingdom and refreshes their strength and hope to rise up from paralysis brought about by human desperation. It is, however, far less condoning the tragic disgrace that humanity has the potential to go through.    

Life restarted in repentance and consumed in believing and living the Gospel is God’s Kingdom made present. A kind of life which rightfully fulfils its longing even in the disgraceful time and space of here and now.  Amen.

fr ambet