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Gospel Reflection for the 1st Sunday of Advent C2012

posted Dec 1, 2012, 11:55 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Lk 21.25-28, 34-36)

“…Coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

Tragic precedence to the Advent of Jesus as The Son of Man is not an essential divine prelude but an unfortunate consequence of man’s free decision.  This makes the coming of Jesus intensely full of joyous expectations.

Such an occurrence becomes the daily pattern of life.  That as we encounter human miseries and anxieties in almost daily basis, and because Jesus has already come and remains with us, the joyful expectations are here and now realized.  Human miseries and anxieties provide an space which is so empty, lifeless and in desperate need to be revived.  This is the very MAN that gives birth to the SON.   Thus Jesus is the Son of Man who came and since then remains.

Advent is not an isolated season of time; it is divinely attached to who and what we are and therefore happens in every here and now.  Amen.

fr ambet