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Gospel Reflection for the 19th Sunday OT 2011

posted Aug 1, 2011, 6:26 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


From the miraculous feeding of the people in the desert, Jesus is now heading to astounding walk on the water of the Lake Gennesaret. 

The extremely frightened disciples, not because of the chaotic and dark sea condition but seeing a ghost-like person walking on the water, were privileged to witness the divine power being at work in Jesus.  And in homage they acclaimed the divine identity of Him:  “Truly, you are the Son of God.”

More than the marvels of the miracles that Jesus has done, what is really striking, although not as impressive as miracles do, is the event that connects the two incidents.  It is the profound decision on the part of Jesus to be left behind, stay in quiet, and be with the Father in prayer.  The time spent by Jesus in prayer attests to the deep and intimate character of His moment with the Father.  He went in prayer by Himself after dismissing the crowd during the first watch (between 6PM to 9PM) of that night and ended around mid of the fourth watch (between 3AM to 6AM).  For Jesus, no compromise whatsoever when it comes to His life of and time for prayer.  That’s what and how He keeps Himself with the Father and keeps Him do His will.   

Being with the Father in prayer is the spirit behind all the miracles that Jesus did.  And this is the sole message that all miracles bring.  To be with our Father who gives us our daily bread, who forgives us our sins, who delivers us from evil in Jesus.

Time “wasted” in prayer allows us to witness God’s daily miracles even in the most common and ordinary events of each day.  Amen.   

Fr. ambet