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Gospel Reflection for the 11th Sunday OT B2012

posted Jun 17, 2012, 3:43 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


There are people who don’t feel at home with and do feel threatened by the ordinariness of things in life.  They are the ones who are fond of spectacular and tend to innovate something new just for the sake of excitement and change.  This kind of people never goes deep but enjoy being tossed around on the surface of superficiality.

People of and with faith in God are made capable of seeing the deep essential of ordinary things, of the daily routine, as God’s Kingdom slowly unfolding.  It is through the eyes of faith that one sees the richness even of the most insignificant, boring and repetitious course of life. 

In life, therefore, one can credibly bear witness to God’s Kingdom as already present and taking shape in the world of here and now when the light of faith radiates itself from within.  God’s Kingdom, though unquantifiable, is not that of great, grand and seen but that of small and invisible.

It is the smallest seeds of kindness and charity indiscriminately sown in a daily basis, unknown to all how, grow and bear fruits and produce a bounty harvest of joy for all.

May we uncover God’s Kingdom in the most common and ordinary course of life using the lens of faith in Christ.  Amen. 

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