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Gospel Reflection for Sto Nino Sunday (3rd Sun Jan) 2012

posted Jan 11, 2012, 3:42 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


“…accept the Kingdom of God like a child...” (Mk. 10.15).

Jesus, who is God’s Kingdom made flesh, is in the very first instance offered to the world in the form of a child.  As a grown-up itinerant teacher and preacher, he went around exhorting everyone on how to get into Him, the very Kingdom of God in Person.  An intriguing standard set by Him through which anyone can pass and enter into His Kingdom is to be like a child.

Childlikeness is a natural acceptance of one’s helplessness which builds an innate courage to be completely dependent on others.  Desires, decisions and actions of a child are naturally motivated by the inner belief that “I am all yours.”

When and only when we say truthfully to Jesus; “I am all yours,” and live according to what it means, we become like a child and so enter into His Kingdom.  Amen.

Viva Nino Jesus! 

fr ambet