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Gospel Reflection for Pentecost Sunday: Restored to what and where we were

posted Jun 9, 2011, 9:56 PM by Nick Ballesteros
GOD breathed life and He saw how good it was.  No need for Him to re-create the whole or a piece of everything because He saw how well all things were.  He was happy and satisfied with the first and original outcome of His Breath, when first blown, has given life to the full.

HUMANS, unfortunately, put the Divine Life-giving breath on hold which culminated in Jesus’ death on the cross.  Holding up the Breath that gives life was creation’s desecration solely initiated by humans and it becomes their welcoming gesture to decay and corruption.  This dehumanizing handling of what has been divinely given left the entire creation, its life, beauty and goodness, severely damaged and stained and made it miserably gasping for life.

PENTECOST, however, becomes humanity’s festival, celebrating the Divine re-breathing of Life, restoring the whole creation to its grandeur and goodness.  God never gives up on the chronic stage of human’s uncooperative spirit and He never surrenders creation’s innate immortal value to the mortal power of decay and corruption.  He breathes the Spirit upon His people to bring them back to the beauty and goodness of life in Him and made them agents who can restore the same in the lives of people and things.

As we have the divine life in us through the Spirit of Christ sent upon us by the Father, needed strength, finding the right way are lovingly and firmly assured of us.  We now go, driven by same Spirit, to bring the whole creation back to the very source  and destiny of its life, GOD. 


Fr Ambet