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Gospel Reflection for Passion (Palm) Sunday B2012

posted Mar 29, 2012, 2:22 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


“Truly this man was the Son of God.” (Mk 15.39)

The centurion had his eyes fixed on Jesus, agonizing on the cross.  His position made him a privileged witness to the power of innocent and pure love channelled and delivered through the real, horrendous agony of crucifixion.  His heart was moved to believe that “truly this man was the Son of God,” when the very last breath, on the cross, Jesus has freely given in love.

The centurion’s inner and quiet profession of Faith in Jesus as the Son of God has brought to light the danger and emptiness of being humanly praised and glorified.  First palm Sunday’s glorious welcome to Jesus was artificially coloured and flavoured with hypocrisy with which in all its malice was made exposed on the first Good Friday incident.  It is in being humanly praised and honoured that the person has grown into being forsaken. 

How sad that many seek human praises and glory without realizing its unseen toxic malice which subtly destroys and leaves the human heart empty.  Amen.

fr ambet