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Gospel Reflection for Holy Family Sunday C2012

posted Dec 30, 2012, 1:13 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Lk 2.41-52)

Family life is a natural imprint of human nature.  Naturally drawn to each other, male and female discover the power and beauty of mutuality and intimacy and these transform them into parents, bearing children who are potential family keepers.

Family life is not only natural to human society, it is also mysterious.  Its charm crosses with ease distance and differences between nations, races, cultures and beliefs.  Attraction to forming family life, though most common to all, still in itself finds or innovates ways of making it interestingly sustained and constantly matures. 

This may seem to appear that there’s no single way identified as the ultimate measure of ideal family life.  However, the feast of the Holy Family: Jesus, Joseph and Mary, singles out one thing from which family life can draw its fullness and growth; the knowledge that the Son (children) must be at the Father’s house.” 

The mother and father of every family are the indispensable pillars of family life.  ‘Remaining in the Father’s house’ is the child Jesus’ way of saying to mothers and fathers as parents that a God-centred family life is the ultimate measure to ensure and live in an ideal family environment.  It is, by the way, a daily decision to make by the parents.

The way Jesus ‘remains in His Father’s house’ is to ‘grow in wisdom, age and favour before God and man’ shown in His perfect obedience and respect to Mary and Joseph.

Hesus, Maria, Jose ipanalangin po ninyo ang mga pamilya sa lahat ng dako.  Amen. 

fr ambet