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Gospel Reflection for Epiphany Sunday 2012

posted Jan 5, 2012, 3:15 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Contrary to the Pharisees’ exclusivist claim for salvation, evangelist St Matthew utilizes  the narrative of the wise outsiders who searched and found, did homage and offered gifts to the “new born king of the Jews” to emphasize the universal and inclusive character of the gift of salvation.

To all and for all, without exception, the God-made-flesh who was born to Mary as Salvator hominis is sent.  This is the rich, ancient divine attribute which is made known in time and liturgically recalled by the Church on this day of Epiphany.  It becomes also the Church mission to fulfil in daily basis, making known that in Jesus everything and everyone is saved, redeemed. 

Members of the Church as we are, we are the ones on a mission of making Jesus known, of making our lives the constant and living epiphany that salvation in Him has already been given, that He who can make life fully and contently happy is in the midst of us, always with us. 

May our little Epifania  truly shine the light of Jesus’ presence within.  Amen.

fr ambet