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Gospel Reflection for Easter Sunday B2012

posted Apr 6, 2012, 11:48 AM by Alberto dela Cruz



It begins “on the first day of the week,’ ‘early in the morning”, when “it was still dark.” (Jn 20.1)

The emphasized time details speak of a fresh, unadulterated beginning which is faultlessly unmindful of the receding darkness of the previous day but joyfully expectant for the bursting forth of a new day.

The ‘stone removed from the tomb’ serves as the first signpost that provides a clue that something strange has taken place.  Unsure of and worried about what had happened, the first woman-witness, Mary Magdelene, relayed, announced, made known what she had seen.

Wondered or probably doubtful of what they heard, Peter and the other disciple went, running, to the tomb to verify.  The other disciple who run faster arrived at the tomb first, bent down and saw the burial cloths.  Peter came in and saw the burial cloths.

Burial cloths and the cloth that covered the head of Jesus’ dead body which was “rolled up in a separate place” provide another and more interesting signpost which kept them in fear and excitement as they journey towards Easter.

Although not clear yet, but since the entire tomb where Jesus’ body was laid is empty, their consciousness of their Master’s presence was rekindled.

Easter, then, begins to take shape in their hearts. The fullness of day has dawned and the Easter journey begins.  It made the confused and fearful disciples full of courage and firmly united. 

May we remain together as we, with and in the same spirit, venture on this joy-filled journey.  Amen.

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