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Gospel Reflection for Corpus Christi Sunday B2012

posted Jun 8, 2012, 3:20 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


Jewish Passover (Pesach) is a solemn ‘anamnesis’ of God’s powerful intervention in the history of Israel’s liberation from slavery.  The Last Supper is a Passover in its Christian sense.

Unleavened bread and the blood of the quickly slaughtered lamb were the prescribed species that had been significantly kept in Jewish Passover commemoration down to the present generation. 

Faithful to His Jewish roots, Jesus gathered His friends in the Upper Room not only to celebrate the Passover but to show its ultimate interpretation and purpose.  What the unleavened bread and the blood of the lamb of the first Passover have signified has now been brought to perfection and completion.  More than the unleavened bread of old that sustained the Israelites on their journey to the promised land, more than the blood of the lamb that spared their firstborn from death, the bread in Jesus’ Passover is made His own body which, on the cross, is taken, broken and shared, the cup of wine becomes His own blood, willingly shed on the same cross for the forgiveness of sins that enslave people, their history and society.

The Mass is our Catholic Passover where Jesus in His sacred Body and Blood is offered to be taken, broken and shared.  Anyone who receives Him with pure and deep Amen of faith is surely sustained on the journey and spared from the sorrows and pains of death.   Amen.

fr ambet