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Gospel Reflection for Corpus Christi Sunday

posted Jun 23, 2011, 4:37 AM by Nick Ballesteros
Earthly Corpus Christi

FOOD is not only basic to human survival but also basic to God’s divine plan of keeping human life soundly dignified. It’s but proper and basically right that everyone is well fed and healthily nourished.  Hunger for basic food is a mockery of human identity.

What the Church has in Her heart in setting aside this day to honour the Most Sacred Body and Blood of Christ is no less than being renewed and strengthened in Her commitment to ensure that food is available and accessible to the poor.  The Church is aware that God’s unfailing care to nourish Her with Food who is Jesus Himself in the
Sacrament of His Body and Blood would mean to be more ardent and gently insistent in eliminating physical and spiritual hunger.

Our Philippine nation is said to be having the worst poverty situation among other countries in the region. 40% of Filipino people are deprived of their basic right for enough and proper food.  As food is so basic for one’s survival, one can imagine how a hungry Filipino suffers from other basic deprivations.  A situation for which we are made seriously responsible and accountable.

Our faith in Christ who is truly present in the Sacrament of His Body and Blood heightens our inward desire to receive Him as often as we are interiorly disposed.  This is the communion that satisfies our spiritual hunger and in return makes us deeply hungry for satisfying, in the least, the physical hunger of those materially poor around us.

Christ does not only give us food but makes Himself the very Bread that gives us life.  It is with the presumption of faith to claim that sufficient bodily food has been provided for all and there’s no ground to any shortage whatsoever. Partnership between greed which is fond of wasting food and good people’s reluctance to let the leaven of the Bread of Life expand their reach to help condone and condemn the poor to remain in their miserable hunger.

May this day of Corpus Christi keeps us together as His earthly Body who in turn feeds all as dignified persons. 


Fr Ambet