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Gospel Reflection for Christ the King Sunday 2011

posted Nov 20, 2011, 7:07 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


ESCHATON is the word given to the Christian events which will be taking place at the end-times.  Parousia or the Second coming of Christ is the highlight of this Eschaton which is the exercise of the fullness of the Kingship of Christ, to render judgment upon all nations.  The events will manifest the Glory of Christ whose splendor is beyond comparison, so brilliant that even the end-time actions of Him will radiate for all eternity.

That is the Gospel framework on this concluding Sunday honouring Christ The King.

The splendid character of the coming of the Son of Man is even more made radiant by the manner He will render judgment:  not as a rigid, stiff judge but as a caring shepherd who, in the first place, is making sure that no goat has sneaked into the fold.  This the Shepherd knows best and will require Him no more to render the judgment of separation. 

NO GOAT IN THE FOLD is the very yardstick of Jesus in shepherding His people.  This very yardstick adds more time and space before the general and final Eschaton takes place.  At the very least, this should make us conscious and beware of where the goat is.  Amen.

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