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Gospel Reflection for Ascension Sunday B2012

posted May 18, 2012, 2:01 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


Everything that Jesus reveals to his disciples needs to be proclaimed to all creatures so that salvation might happen to those who will believe in their words.  This is an urgent mission launched by Jesus himself right before He ascends to the Father.

Authority and power, solely for saving souls, are bestowed upon the apostles to stamp with sure success the work of evangelization.  Harmful and deadly elements will become part and parcel of the missionary task but pre-emptive protection has been securely built within.  The more eager the apostles become in the work of proclamation, the more harmful and deadly the oppositions turn to be.  But no harm can do damage on anyone.

In the height of missionary challenges and struggles, Jesus’ Ascension is something to look up to.  It provides an inner vision for the soul to see the consoling power and beauty of paradox brought about by one’s commitment to heed and fulfil the Christian mandate of going in order to proclaim. 

Ascension enshrines in the hearts and souls of his disciples the beauty and strength of the Lord’s presence in absence, his being always with them by going, of proclaiming by remaining silent witnesses, of healing others by getting wounded, of leading others to salvation by endangering oneself,  all is due to being faithful, pro-active, yet ever protected Gospel proclaimers.

Jesus’ Ascension is a divine signature of his trust on his people.  He counts on them, on us, for the salvation of all.  Amen. 

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