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Gospel Reflection for 5th Sunday OT C2013

posted Feb 8, 2013, 2:35 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


5th Sunday OT (Lk 5.1-11)

Peter’s expertise in fishing comprises not only the know-how, know-when and know-where to fish but also the know-how in handling a catch-less venture into the dark and deep water.  An all-night hard work without any catch becomes a familiar occurrence in which Peter and his partners James and John find a good ground for remaining real fishermen.

Real fishermen are not men of great catch at all times.  Their being real rather is all the more proven by their undaunted spirit in times of disembarking without any catch.  Failures and frustrations have gotten into their system and routine without poisoning their confidence that better days are still waiting to happen. 

Such a disposition of real fishermen provides a fertile ground for Jesus to entrust the great work of being fishers of men.  Then they left everything behind, followed Jesus and we are all caught up by them not to be consumed but to be brought home, to live in the ocean of God’s grace.

It’s time for us to look around and find how rich is the grace given everywhere.  Everything gives us the reason to be thankful.  Amen.

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