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Gospel Reflection for 3rd Sunday OT C2013

posted Jan 26, 2013, 12:50 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


3rd Sunday OT (Lk 1.1-4, 4.14-21)

Touring the region of Galilee, Jesus brings the Good news to people, preaches in synagogues, and everywhere, people respond in admiration except in his own town of Nazareth.

It is not easy to take heed of someone whom we become so familiar with.  It is not easy to pay attention to things and people with whom we routinely deal and meet.  It is easy to miss the great things taking place in times and events which are regularly and usually held.

Sabbath synagogue service at Nazareth is one of the most usual thing people celebrate in a weekly basis.  So regular, so ordinary, probably a boring routine.  Something which might already saturates the attention span of those who are regularly coming.  Just something that obligates the people.  When the time for Jesus, a carpenter, a relation to most of everyone, an ordinary Nazaroean, to stand up, read the Scriptures and tell everyone that “today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing,” tension between the Truth of the message and people’s acceptance of it begins.

Something fundamental and crucial to people’s lives is left hanging on the air, waiting to be permitted to fulfil its long delayed mission:  ushering in a year of favour.

In order for Jesus’ word to achieve its purpose, a listening heart is spiritually required.  May we give the Word our generous thumbs up to fulfil the task.  Amen.   

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