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Gospel Reflection for 3rd Sunday of Easter B2012

posted Apr 22, 2012, 8:42 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


World choices are in constant haste, competing to surpass each other in reaching the excellence of comfort and pleasure, of quickness and standard.  Wider acceptability and patronage are used to gauge the required popularity which ensures great profit.  The world gets into an endless innovation of strategies and choices which aim at satisfying the boundless human desire which serves as the huge profit generating market.  Unregulated human desire, at the end, becomes an object of exploitation and abuse.  Bombarded by excesses of choices, the human soul with an unregulated desire is left empty and confused. 

Born out of Jesus’ friendship, faith in Him is made equipped with a special lens that keeps the soul in proper focus.  It is Jesus, in the first place, who made a great choice of “re-creating us in this world but keeping us out of it.”  Our faith in Jesus keeps us in constant opposition with the world choices.  It is this faith that provides the inner light we need to help us see the essentials.  Only in having faith in Jesus that we come to the best choice that uplifts our souls to the highest and unseen fulfilment. 

Jesus dared to call and choose us to be in but not of the world to echo the sound of better choice in life.  May our daily dealings with others in the world express the joy and beauty of making choices upon the dictates not of human desire but of our faith in Him.

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