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Gospel Reflection for 33rd Sunday OT B2012

posted Nov 16, 2012, 11:44 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Mk 13.24-32)

Tribulations, tragedies, disasters are signs not of the end of everything but of everything’s new beginning.  Although the old beginning of creation was beautifully woven in love and trust, it is the human handling that paved the way for its destruction and decay. 

Creation’s struggle for change and renewal crawls in time and history and the cries of pains did not remain unheeded.  God listened by submitting himself into human struggle in Jesus to usher in the new and greater beginning of all.  This new beginning is now an era of God’s uplifting embraces which hovers around and sweeping away all human miseries and anxieties.  An era of God in time whose love and trust for humanity endures in the midst of hatred and distrust. 

Life in Jesus is set on the journey towards the completion of this new beginning.  The travel, though, may appear to be so intensely exhausting, every little step we manage to make is in itself Jesus who’s strongly determined to help us arrive at and reach his kingdom. 

And with him along the way, no matter how slow we progress in the journey, we can be sure of getting there on time.  Amen.

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