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Gospel Reflection for 33rd Sunday OT 2011

posted Nov 10, 2011, 7:34 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Very well done indeed is the nature of the whole creation.  Everything is made as an indispensable element of the whole, uncompromising in terms of contributing to the beauty and integrity of the entire created world.  Doubtless therefore that every single person is indisputably put in place as component of unity and connectedness.  In every person, the unity and interrelatedness of all shines without interruption, without exception.  It is because Christ is at the center of each one, the strong bond that holds the person in single unity and harmony. 

Hunger, nakedness, homelessness, being sick and imprisoned disintegrate the person and approve of the community as falling apart.  These indicate that the wall of neglect is being reinforced and asserts its claim for human breaks up.  

On the other hand, seeing Christ at the center of each broken and wounded person, and reaching out to him in selfless and caring service, unearths the foundation of human insensitivity which divides and leads to restoring genuine unity between and among persons.  This is the prescribed collapse from which the rebuilding of harmonious communion with and among all rises up.

Today’s Gospel consolingly affirms Christian well doers who are motivated by the spirit to live their “being Christ to and for other christs.”   To incarnate one’s goodness as Christ’s servant into a well done act of charity is the ultimate measure of being with and in Christ.  The insightful thing in being well doers is determined not by who benefits from the well done action but by the unexceptional, on time, unqualified rendering of service to those who can not reciprocate it. 

This is, in the end, the solemn anticipation of enthroning the Lord in our hearts as Christ, the King “who comes not to be served but to serve” especially those who do not deserve a well done act of “who He is.”  Amen.

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