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Gospel Reflection for 31st Sunday OT 2011

posted Oct 29, 2011, 12:16 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


God is always on guard over His people especially over the privileged few who are entrusted with responsibility to look after the community.  Old Testament priests warned by God through the prophet Malachi, New Testament Scribes and Pharisees reprimanded by Jesus are divinely recognized and highly regarded leaders.

Although the Scriptures oftentimes utter harsh criticism against people in position, what is unseen is God’s own solicitude towards each one of them.  God remains very much involved in their leading roles, more so that He keeps them on His constructive and caring watch.  Abuses are not tolerated, indifference is urgently dealt with, and persons are assured of what they deserve most. 

In every parish community such as ours, it’s a great blessing to have people in the leading roles.  Although these roles make them oftentimes physically visible, they should keep them invisibly humble.  It is in striving to be serving with a lowly heart that the community at large is greatly exalted in God’s grace. 

One in spirit, we ask the Lord, not only to give us lowly servant-leaders but to make us such.  Amen.

fr ambet