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Gospel Reflection for 2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) B2012

posted Apr 12, 2012, 4:00 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Deep and personal relationship with Jesus is born of one’s relationship with Him in a community.  That’s where the essentials for personal sanctification, for which faith has been given, are provided for.  Sanctified personal life, in turn, draws the person naturally to link the self in healthy fellowship with others.

The mutuality between one’s personal and communal life is the sole and indispensable measure of the Risen Lord making progress in bringing to fruition what the empty tomb signifies. 

It is in being of “one mind and heart with the community,” (Acts 4.32) that one’s faith in Jesus grows to maturity.  When nourished and cared for by persons whose life of faith has grown maturely, the community wells forth from within the spring of contentment to satisfy in time the innate longing of all. 

There is no resurrection in selfishness and isolation.  It is a reality that shapes and takes place in the community, not anywhere else.  It is not by chance but by choice that Christ is risen as the supreme radiance of the Father’s mercy towards a wounded and divided humanity.   Intimate link between people is to be restored and union among nations is to be made the cradle and sanctuary of just and peaceful civilization. 

Peace, as the gift of the Risen Christ, which needs to be initially conceived in justice, must be personally exercised and communally shared.  Only then that it becomes, not just an aspiration of the human soul, but a daily and normal feature of life.  

May the peace of the Risen Christ remain with us.  Amen.