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Gospel Reflection for 2nd Sunday of Advent C2012

posted Dec 10, 2012, 1:49 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Lk 3.1-6)

John was in the deserted place when the Word of God came to him. 

Advent recognizes that life journey is not without a desert-like track.  It is where the whole person gets extremely challenged in strength and perseverance.  It is where the human spirit is crucially confronted with choices whether to give up or move on, whether to survive in determination or just helplessly perish.  Desert life journey offers a definitive choice whether to make or break. 

Although naturally inclined to make, this mere choice never guarantees a desired arrival.  The human soul, no matter how determined to move on, still without the nerve to slightly move forward due to the pressing intimidation and violence of the desert’s lifelessness.

It’s truly Good News that the Word came to John in the desert. 

Lifelessness has been replaced by life-giving presence of the Word, assuring that life journey would not anymore mind passing by a deserted route.  It is the Word who made the choice; for all to keep moving.  It is to say that Advent is joyfully assured on everyone and safely happening on time.  Amen.

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