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Gospel Reflection for 29th Sunday OT 2011

posted Oct 15, 2011, 9:23 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Health, education, security, peace and order, infrastructures are some of the noble commitments of nations’ governments.  This commitment to people’s well being provides the moral and legal ground for government to design and implement a mode of taxation.  To take a good portion of people’s money in order to give it back in the form of services is a huge and serious responsibility.  Thus, legitimate governments deserve people’s respectful support. 

“…repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” is Jesus’ way of saying that fulfilling one’s social duty is never and should never be a hindrance or in conflict to “give God what belongs to God.”  It is rather that the former is just a tiny reflection of the great light of the latter.

The entrapment motive of Jesus’ critics in bringing the issue of rightness or wrongness of paying taxes is the very snare that entraps and humiliates them.  Before Jesus, our most hidden malice, our ulterior motive can not but be brought to light.  And it is for our own advantage.  The humiliation attached to the exposition is necessary to begin the process of genuine inner purification. 

For us who keep prioritizing the act of “giving God what is God’s” would always have the spiritual edge in knowing and doing that to “give Caesar what is Caesar’s” is not only to fulfil one’s state obligation.  Quite interestingly, it is a joyful and humble manifestation that we are of God, for God and in God.  Amen.

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