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Gospel Reflection for 28th Sunday OT 2011

posted Oct 9, 2011, 12:25 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


Saint Matthew’s today’s Gospel parable highlights the seriousness of one’s acceptance or refusal to come to the celebration by imaging the grand and royal character of the feast.

Refusal of the king’s invitation to come to his son’s wedding feast is unthinkable.   Being invited to such a celebration implies a highest royal regard and privilege which makes the occasion hard to ignore. 

And yet many are not bothered and freely disregard the royal invitation. The decision not to come is not only to ignore the feast and attend to something else, but is also damaging the relationship.  The king is deeply hurt, not only because he is ignored but is aware of devastating effect of people’s refusal.  By not joining the feast, people of the kingdom are reduced to people who belong to no one, who go to nowhere.  They become the people devoid of purpose and identity.  They are reduced by their refusal to being people on and of the streets, roaming, restless and sick.

And the deeply touching gesture of the king comes next.  The servants are dispatched to extend the same invitation to the same people whose fate has been made shattered by their outright refusal.  Since the feast is ready and the king is so persistent to let his people share from the abundance of his banquet, despite of opting to be lost and be the least in the kingdom, these people are mercifully searched and when found, invited again to come.

Then, the celebration begins.  Amen

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