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Gospel Reflection for 27th Sunday OT B2012

posted Oct 4, 2012, 4:55 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Mk 10.2-12)

Hardness of human heart is the sole basis of Moses in legislating marital divorce and separation.  It’s just a human tendency which should not supersede what God has purposely done in creating people as male and female.  Marriage is the very first fruit of creation thus divinely ordained as naturally ever sweet institution. 

It is the hardness of heart that causes bitterness in spousal relationship and it becomes a strong human tendency among husbands and wives.  On the cross, Jesus offers himself in marriage to the Church and from his open heart gushes forth the water and blood that restore the human hearts into its fleshly gentleness and pure love.   

Divorce and separation can never be a solution to what appears to be a failure of marriage.  It’s rather the heart transformed into that of the Bridegroom’s that brings back the sweetness of marital togetherness so divinely designed since the beginning of creation.  Amen. 

fr ambet