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Gospel Reflection for 27th Sunday OT 2011

posted Sep 29, 2011, 6:39 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


The soul of Israelites’ identity is mysteriously hidden but empirically explained by their common and strong agricultural character and inclinations.  Creation and creatures all over are determinants of who they are; the chosen race.  Everything has been created and entrusted to them, a divine signature signifying their choice as God’s own.

Vineyard, for the Israelites, is a common source, not only of livelihood, but of life’s fundamental, religious lesson.  It’s been constantly taken by different biblical traditions to echo the sounds of blessings or disgrace.  Vineyard enjoys greatness and innate fruitfulness but these are subject to stewards’ selfless or selfish dispositions.

Isaiah’s account and Jesus’ parable affirm that vineyard’s ownership belongs solely to God.  Isaiah’s portrayal of the vineyard as God’s people and Jesus’ depiction of it as the Kingdom of Heaven build the consoling premise that God presses on His ownership over His people.  And He keeps sending leaders whom He expected to be selflessly dedicated to the care of all His own.  If leaders fail, God sustains.  If human selfishness rules and resorts to violence and killing, divine intervention rebuilds and restores. 

The mere fact that we belong to God as His people, no amount of human selfishness and greed can saturate our fruitfulness.  It is this very fruitfulness that we are innately entrusted with that can neutralize the poison of greed and egoism. 

We are the fruits, the good fruits which can make the harvest bountifully rich, and that is always for other’s benefit.  Amen. 

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