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Gospel Reflection for 25th Sunday OT 2011

posted Sep 16, 2011, 4:41 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Kingdom of Heaven is a daily progression from being fair and just to becoming gracious and generous.  Fairness and justice meet what the policies and agreements require but generosity meets what an individual actually needs.  Justice satisfies the law, generosity satisfies the heart.

Jesus, in Matthew’s scriptural mind, is but the Kingdom of Heaven.  He Himself is the one being portrayed by the parable story as the landowner who keeps an eye not so much on his own business and property but more on people and their daily needs.  His passion is not to gain profit for himself, (which is but fair and just), but to make others fruitful and therefore profitable in themselves. 

We are the labourers who used to be standing in idleness but called by Jesus in different times of the day to put into work our own giftedness.  Given the privilege to work in God’s vineyard, our identity is reshaped as something far greater than being fair and just.  As the summon to go and work surpasses that of what is normal and legal,  our response is expected to go beyond the motive of earning what we materially need, of what is externally satisfying.  We need rather to be inwardly enriched by generously enriching others.

What really merits us to be God’s workers at His farm is to become unfairly just and generous both to Him as the Landowner and to our fellow workers as well.  Amen.

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