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Gospel Reflection for 24th Sunday OT 2011

posted Sep 9, 2011, 3:27 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


Peter’s inquiry on how often he must forgive his brother who repeatedly commits wrongdoings is expressive of human deep seated brokenness.  Jesus’ response indicates not the counted treatment of such brokenness but the very prescription which ensures permanent cure:  “seventy times seven.”

Jesus’ timeless and limitless measure of forgiveness is not only a statement given to Peter.  It is a Divine revelation made known from which the endless fountain of healing and conversion flows.  When things are offered and given half heartedly, no matter how often it is repeated, it can not achieve its purpose.  The genuineness of Jesus’ forgiveness is once and forever and needs not to be repeated because it gives the basic and essential cure that leads to change and pure conversion.  It is rather in the latter that we find the need to replicate again and again. 

The Sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation repeats not the forgiveness for sins but rather is giving and making it available for a penitent sinner as a divine prescription effective for personal conversion.  God never fails to forgive, only human fails to change and be converted.

The “seventy times seven” times measure of forgiveness means not only always and complete but enough for God to wait until we become perfectly healed in our own inner brokenness.  Amen.

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