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Gospel Reflection for 23rd Sunday OT B2012

posted Sep 9, 2012, 4:14 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Mc 7.31-37)

Words are without meaning apart from being acted out.  However, a wordless action in itself is pretty much universally understandable. 

For a deaf-mute person, signage of action is the language proper and fit to deliver the message.  Jesus enters into the world of the unknown deaf-mute person and using the language of his loving and gentle action, he communicates the power of his healing.

Jesus is the Word in action and acting powerfully in his Word.  We have in him the perfect way that takes away the impediment of hearing and speech.  We find in him the Word which is constantly making flesh in our midst. 

May we be made hear and speak what we have been told by Jesus.  Amen. 

fr ambet