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Gospel Reflection for 23rd Sunday OT 2011

posted Sep 1, 2011, 3:39 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


What makes the world and its human society highly secularized is the Christians’ reluctance to exercise fraternal corrections.  A “point blank” approach to errors and the direct rescue of those who are responsible are condemned to be futile by Christian indifference.  This makes all kinds of disrespect to God, to human life, to the church, to families proliferate and worst, secularize the world.

Prophet Ezekiel in the first reading and Jesus in the Gospel seem to be not bothered by possible confusion between doing fraternal correction and the outright judgment on the faults of others.  Sincerity ensures authority on correcting others’ faults. Fraternal correction is not and should not be taken as a statement of “I” better than “you,” far less an intrusion to others’ privacy.  Fraternal correction is rather a life-saving faith enterprise.  And great is the responsibility of those who give in to apathy and give up the sense of being “our brethren’s” keeper. 

Apart from exercising fraternal correction in fighting secularism, promoting the spiritual power of being one in prayer, being one in and with Christ is indispensable.  It is in our spiritual and prayerful communion with Jesus that we keep the sense of God amidst our people. 

The families of our twelve children, the First Communicants today, are giving the secularized society a strong, big NO to its godless call and influence.  Our congratulations to them are accompanied by thanksgiving for allowing their children to come to Jesus and allowing Jesus to be received by the children in Holy Communion.

This mutual exchange of gifts between families and Jesus is a communion in prayer.  A communion that can exercise the authority of sincerity in correcting the error of a godless secularized world.

Thanks to our children for realizing in us, in our community, that God is in our midst.   Amen.

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