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Gospel Reflection for 22nd Sunday OT 2011

posted Aug 25, 2011, 2:38 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


Conscience is defined as the “inner voice of God.”  What it says is simply to do good and avoid evil.  The non-compliance to it normally creates an inner disturbance.  The inexplicable truth is that every single person is endowed with conscience but phenomenally not all comply with what it dictates and yet without being inwardly bothered.  Threefold reason is possibly responsible:  conscience is either un-informed or misinformed or totally deformed.

Jeremiah has been an astounding example of having a healthy conscience.  Derision and reproach brought about by his bold and faithful proclamation of God’s message were found insufficient to resist the voice within.  External disturbance and oppositions are more bearable than an outright discounting of what God says inside him.

It is the deformed conscience that thinks “not as God does” and teaches the opposite:  to avoid good and do evil.  It is the very “obstacle” to the Word in laying down the path that leads to life. 

Jesus is the incarnate Word of God’s inner voice.  He proclaims and needs to be proclaimed as the Message who suffered, the Message who is killed but is triumphantly raised.  

Jesus is the living Word who keeps resounding in our conscience “God’s voice” which tells that it is in losing for His sake that we find, it is in dying to self that we live in His grace.  Amen.

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