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Gospel Reflection for 21st Sunday OT B2012

posted Aug 23, 2012, 4:52 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Jn 6.60-69)

Jesus’ spoken words are spirit and life.  Peter opts to stay because of conviction that nowhere he can find the words of eternal life except in the Lord.

Jesus is The Word spoken by the Father to address the deep-seated human longing.  Many hear Jesus speak but very few listen.  Many see Jesus lives his own words but only few are able to witness God being at work in their midst.  Many wonder in Jesus’ power to cure but so few are those who really get healed.  Many see how Jesus feeds the multitude but few still are those who are truly nourished and satisfied. 

Many in the crowds just leave and never change due to infinite incompatibility between what they expect and what Jesus says and offers.  People seek immediate, visible, material benefits.  Jesus offers something lasting, unseen and spiritual.  People enjoy the surface and the above ground structure, Jesus however is laying the foundation underneath.  People are inclined to receive the fruits, but what Jesus offers is the soil to cultivate and the seeds to be sown. 

It’s very sad that many miss what ultimately satisfies the longing of human heart.  May we not add to the count.  Amen. 

fr ambet