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Gospel Reflection for 20th Sunday OT B2012

posted Aug 18, 2012, 4:07 AM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Jn. 6.51-58)

Jesus’ Eucharistic word about himself is now sounding forcefully insistent.  His flesh and his blood, understood as the true food and drink, without which one can’t have life within, sheds much light on what internal disposition the Christians of John’s time must have every time they gathered in their regular first day of the week’s Breaking of Bread. 

The inner disposition that draws the person to receive Jesus present in his Eucharistic bread and wine indicates the human heart’s quest for refuge against dismal, endless, inward hunger and restlessness.

Dehumanizing hunger acquires new forms and increasingly claims victims not because of lack of what people basically need but because of decreasing desire in the hearts of many to be taken, broken and shared.  It is not the lack of bread that causes hunger but the abundant neglect to be Eucharistically for others.

May Jesus who keeps breaking himself to be given as life-giving bread be shared through our own hands, generously open and offered to those who are made weak and broken by selfishness and greed.  Amen.

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