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Gospel Reflection for 15th Sunday OT B2012

posted Jul 13, 2012, 2:53 PM by Alberto dela Cruz


(Mc 6.7-13)

Summoned and given instructions on how strong is the witness of simple life, the Twelve are sent with the complete authority and power of Jesus. 

Simplicity of heart is the seat of enormous and convincing power against which even the worst rejection can dishearten a faithful disciple.  Healing from all forms of sickness and evil influence emanates directly from Jesus and can be delivered with full efficiency to all through one’s simple and faithful life.

It is in bringing and being nothing that Jesus becomes the only thing in one’s life.  Jesus makes life whole and suffice by infusing healing within and contentment in simplicity without.  

Lord Jesus, heal us from inordinate desire and distrust.  Amen.

fr ambet