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Gospel Reflection for 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2011

posted Jul 9, 2011, 2:43 AM by PAT SALANDANAN


Parables are real and ordinary stories of life that acquire and transmit heavenly meaning at the moment of their retelling. 

In the Gospel of today, Jesus is sought by real and ordinary people with their own real and ordinary stories of life.  The people in their ordinariness heard Jesus speaking about natural but deepest human potential for fruitfulness using the most common, the most familiar image of the ordinary farmer/sower in the neighbourhood.  This is the parable that easily connects to the thinking and culture of the people but the moment it comes out of the mouth of Jesus, there’s an awakening of the heart.

Listening to the parable in faith, one is led to the understanding not only of the detailed interpretation but to the big picture of what life is and what life does really have.  Life is a gift, a precious perfect gift restored inside the wrapping of its simplicity and ordinariness.  Life has its innate potential for rich and endless fruitfulness even with just meagre resources.  Stewards of life of all ages had shown great interest in and preference to life’s marvellous, spectacular achievements and sadly made blinded to life’s essential.

Parable in today’s Gospel is a timely reminder, that life’s fulfilment lies not on the absence of rocky, thorny moments of life’s story but on persistent and happy cultivation of the rich space of life’s simplicity and ordinariness, at all times, in all places.  Amen.